Son Of A Peach That Was Good

Sometimes I don’t know if great places to eat find me or if my nose finds them. I believe it may be the latter, but I will leave that for you to decide once you’ve had a slice of pizza from Son Of A Peach Pizzeria located in Burlington.


If there is one thing you’ll learn while visiting Son Of a Peach it is that not only do they make exceptionally delicious pizza, but you’ll be surprised to know that everything is made in-house. From their 3-day cold fermented and naturally leavened dough to their hand crafted sauces and in-house ground meats, smoked bacon and every delectable baked item it is no wonder why people keep coming back for more . The only way I could see if this was true was to enjoy a meal at their fabulous location, needless to say I was impressed. Not only is everything fresh and cooked to perfection, but was made with love by their staff.


Love+Pizza= A stuffed blogger. I think what really got me was the sauce they put on their pizza, it isn’t concentrated with ridiculous amounts of salt like other places I have been to, instead it’s fresh and sweet and cannot be compared to any other place I have been to.


Typically when I eat pizza I love to have a house made dipping sauce to accompany it, unfortunately Son of a Peach doesn’t offer that option to their guests, and rightfully so,their pizza is delicious, so why would you want to ruin culinary genius? If there is anything I learned from eating here it is that you DO NOT need a dipping sauce if you’re eating good slice of pizza.


There were certainly many options to choose from while eating here and everything sounded amazing so much so I wish I could have sampled everything. The decision was a hard one, but  to start we selected fresh out of the oven garlic knots. Bread and garlic are just two of my favourite things besides pizza and these freshly baked knots with parmigiano reggiano and garlic herb butter were the perfect preamble to our pizza course that night.

Garlic Knots


Next on the docket was the “pizza de resistance” (see what I did there), and we were not disappointed! We enjoyed “The Wild Mushroom”, which consisted of house made tomato sauce, five varieties of garlic, thyme & white wine roasted wild mushroom, whole milk & house smoked virgin mozzarella. Every bite was accounted for and savoured, enough said.

The Wild Mushroom

I can only describe the atmosphere in one word, elegant. The servers are exceptionally friendly and it was great that we did not feel rushed to finish our meal, I love eating in a relaxing environment that makes you feel like you can spend hours eating and enjoying the company of your friends. Not to mention we got a great seat by the window on looking Pine street.


If you get a chance to eat here you will not be disappointed, even though this gem is in Burlington I think it’s worth us Hamiltonians making the extra strut to eat here so follow your noses to Son of A Peach Pizzeria.

Garlic Knots: $6.00

The Wild Mushroom: $23.00 (Two people can share)

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