A Night On The Mule

A couple of Thursday nights ago was a night to remember, it was a night filled with tacos, tequila and of course more tequila at The Mule. It’s fun to get together with a couple of friends and have some long overdue drinks together. The restaurant was filled with vibrant sounds of laughter, clinking cups and throwback tracks from Biggie and Tupac, how can you not have a good time?


We were served by Tom who was amazing and put up with myself and all of my friends indecisive ways, he answered all of our questions and was extremely well-informed with the menu and even offered us some insight on what was most popular on the menu. Shout to Tom and thank you.


We needed to start off the night right, so what better way than with fresh guacamole and  tortilla chips. I really enjoyed the guac at The Mule, it was full of flavour and was the perfect pairing to the tequila shots that were taken that night. The guacamole consisted of pepitas, pickled jalapeños, cilantro, green onion. Oh, and let us not forget the tortilla chips they were super crispy, just the way they should be eaten! 

Guacamole with fresh tortilla chips


For the main snack of the night I decided to sample three out of the numerous varieties of tacos that are available at The Mule. I sampled the Crispy Sweet Potato Taco, The Beef Barbacoa Taco and the Roasted Venison Taco.


The crispy sweet potato taco was a sweet treat. It came wrapped in a soft tortilla shell with a  crispy sweet potato tempura, house dust, sunflower sauce, pomegranate seeds, pepitas, cilantro and green onion radish. I thoroughly enjoyed how the tempura contrasted the soft tortilla shell. It was a crunchy and delectable taco. Well done.

Sweet Potato Taco


Next on the docket was The Beef Barbacoa Taco. I had a fair warning from Tom before I ordered this taco, it had a slight kick to it, but was still amazing! The beef was extremely tender and the taco itself consisted of DK sauce, lime crema, sunflower dust, pickled red onion, cilantro, radish.


Beef Barbacoa Taco


Last but certainly not least was the Roasted Venison Taco. This was not a regular item on the menu at The Mule, which is why I most definitely had to give it a go and I have to say it certainly was different from all the other tacos i’ve ever had in my life possibly because it was composed of DEER MEAT. I know, super different from what anyone is used to but it was still a great eat and I definitely recommend if you’re planning on tasting deer meat any time soon. This taco also consisted of roast Venison, Carolina BBQ sauce, lime crema, pickled jalapeño, hot sauce, green onion, and cilantro. This taco was also pretty spicy but if you like spicy than you’re all good! 


Roasted Venison Taco


Other plates featured in this post:

Shrimp tostada which is composed of  avocado, Peruvian cocktail sauce, cucumber, poached shrimp. Topped w/ lime crema, hot sauce, cilantro, green onion, and radish. Served on a crispy tortilla.

Chicken: Achiote marinated chicken, pickled red onion, chipotle mayo

Taco bell: House ground beef and pork mix, lime crema, hot sauce, pico di gallo, cheddar, cilantro.


Thank you The Mule for making our experience such a memorable one!

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