Democracy Coffee House

Some friends and I decided that we wanted to try cauliflower wings, another food you don’t hear often about too often. We decided to give our taste buds a tickle and what better way to explore the world of food than to try something new and vegan at that!

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On 202 Locke Street South there is a little hotspot that goes by the name of Democracy Coffee House, but little did we know it offers much more than coffee and sweets! Democracy offers is many things to many people. They also offer craft beer and vegan eats, something that in my opinion is still very hard to come by nowadays, but is growing more in more in the booming food scene that is Hamilton. Democracy is definitely one of the leading restaurants in Hamilton when is comes to offering a menu that caters to a very niche group of Hamiltonians – vegans, but even if you’re the biggest meat lover you’ll still find a reason to fall in love with the food here at Democracy!


The atmosphere at this place was very casual and welcoming for all people, I didn’t feel like the place catered to one particular group of people. The space belongs to everyone – families, young crowds, old and new friends, for the young and the old, hipsters, the trendy coffee addict, vegans and students alike. Not to mention they had awesome old board games and chalk to write on the tables with, something I have never even imagined being in a restaurant, but it was so cool and kept us occupied while waiting for our food.

Spicy Sriracha & Sweet & Sour Cauliflower Wings


The menu offered a vast variety of vegan eats which were interesting and intriguing! After a heated debated over what to eat, we decided on the Cauliflower Wings, The Spicy Baked Queso and the Fries Supreme. Everything was so tasty and had great flavour! To be honest it didn’t even feel like I was eating vegan food, who knew it could be so damn tasty!

The Cauliflower Wings were an unusual dish, but nonetheless it was delicious and extremely filling. You get eight per serving and trust me it is more than enough because they are HUGE and are certainly enough to get you filled and are absolutely worth the price you pay. There are a couple of different sauces that the wings come marinated in: Spicy Sriracha, Bourbon BBQ, Sweet & Sour or Sesame Glaze and are served with a delicious cashew créme for dipping.


Sweet & Sour Cauliflower Wing


The Fries Supreme were another favourite of mine. These delicious fries were topped with all sorts of feel good toppings such as loaded cheeze sauce, taco flower, diced tomato, cashew créme  & scallions. The fries were very crispy, thick and were served hot and fresh, needless to say my tummy was satisfied.

Fries Supreme


Last but not least we had the Spicy Baked Queso, I loved this dish! Even though it was just an appetizer to be shared among friends it was still very filling and the portion was extremely healthy. The sauce consisted of Democracy’s special cheeze sauce, diced tomato and jalapeños and nacho crumbs! This gooey and delicious sauce was served with nacho chips for dipping and I could not stop eating it!

Spicy Baked Queso


If you love vegan eats head on down to Democracy Coffee House, I promise there is something there for everyone!


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