Sweet Jesus Amen

Forgive me, Lord for I have sinned, I lost my Sweet Jesus virginity and I must say it was quite satisfying,  Sweet Jesus isn’t just your typical ice cream parlor in Toronto, it’s a place where people go to give their taste buds their own happy ending. I recently had the pleasure of losing my Sweet Jesus virginity to the 106 John Street North location and unlike many firsts I’ve had in my short 24 years on this earth,  this was one first I did not regret!

13324073_10153701687765922_672975940_o (1)

My friends and I traveled far (15-minute walk) and wide,  we even stood in line for 45 minutes just to feel the cooling sensation that this soft-serve brings to your lips and mouth and it was well worth the wait.


When we finally got to the front I was still unsure of what I wanted, it was a tie between Birthday Cake and S’mores Campfire. Tough choice I was faced with, but choosing a flavour combo of ice cream is actually a hard decision people! This was my first time here, I didn’t just want to get anything, I wanted something remarkable so clearly I ended up picking the Birthday Cake because of course I wanted the awesome candle that came with it. 


When going to new places like these with friends we always like to taste test what each person got so I also ended up getting a taste of the Bangin’ Brownie and the Lemon Coconut Cream Pie.

Birthday Cake consists of vanilla soft serve, vanilla icing, birthday cake bits and my favourite sprinkles! Also, to top that all off you get a sweet birthday candle to blow out! How fun? I would recommend this sweet concoction for anyone who is looking to have something simple and not overly sweet. This satisfied my ice cream craving without making me feel sick and it was so yummy!

Birthday Cake


Bangin’ Brownie consists of chocolate soft serve, caramel, chocolate sauce, brownie bits and chocolate cookie crumble. I had the opportunity to try some of my friend’s Bangin Brownie and it was like i just won the golden ticket into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. If you’re looking for something that will satisfy that sweet tooth Bangin’ Brownie is for you.

Bangin’ Brownie


Lemon Coconut Cream Pie consists of vanilla soft serve, lemon curd, toasted coconut crumble and graham cracker bits. I also taste tested this lovely concoction from a friend and it was different than any other ice cream pairings I have tried before, but a good different. It was a little sour because of the lemon, but also sweet which made it a great dessert to try! If you’re feeling adventurous I say try out the Lemon Coconut Cream Pie, if you love the pie you’ll enjoy this ice cream concoction from Sweet Jesus!

Sweet Jesus  is doing the Lord’s work right in my books. Head on down for some good ice cream eats and be prepared to fully convert to their way of enjoying ice cream for life.


13128791_10153639828960922_995714671_o (1)
Krusty the Cone


R.I.P to the rest!


Cookies, cookies, cookies and cream, Krusty the cone, Red Rapture and Sweet Baby Jesus

Sweet Jesus has three locations in Toronto:

  • Downtown 106 John St. Toronto, ON
  • Eastside 780 Queen ST E. Toronto, ON
  • Coming soon is the Yonge & Eglinton: 130 Eglinton Ave E. Toronto, ON


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