Io Amo, Amo Gelato

Amo means “love” in Italian and that is exactly what I experienced when I tasked Amo Gelato for the first time. I fell in love completely and didn’t expect that I would love gelato more than I already do(hope my boyfriend isn’t too heartbroken about it)!

Located on 171 Locke Street S, Hamilton Amo Gelato has certainly made an impact on the ice cream/gelato scene in Hamilton. They are serving up some of the most delicious flavours of gelato and everyone is lining right out the door to get a scoop of this heavenly sensation. The atmosphere of this tiny little gelato parlour is like being back in Europe, very modern, clean and minimalistic, just like their gelato. Even though their is limited seating in the parlour there is a lovely patio space out front that allows you to people watch and take part of the action that can always be found on Locke St. S !

Inside Amo Gelato

I have gone two separate times to Amo and each time my mouth is more and more excited about what I should try next! On my first visit I enjoyed some fruity flavours such as banana and strawberry, so simple yet classic for my very first gelato experience. The flavours did not taste artificial at all and produced an amazing flavour that just makes you wish you had gotten more. Eating their banana and strawberry gelato was like eating a freshly peeled banana or taking a bite out of a freshly picked  strawberry from the garden. How amazing is that?

Left: Salted Caramel and Banana Right: Banana and Strawberry
Left: Salted Caramel and Banana
Right: Banana and Strawberry


I also tasted the salted caramel flavour that they offer as well and for those of you that love salted caramel get ready for a treat because it tastes absolutely decadent! Rule of thumb when eating gelato; if you’re gonna eat it eat as much as you can and don’t hold back, especially when it comes to caramel.

Salted Caramel and Banana


My second experience at Amo was even more sweet than my last when I was able to eat both their Birthday Cake flavour and the Pistachio. Oh boy! These flavours were explosive together let me just say the nutty flavour of the Pistachio complimented the Birthday Cake well and both had a beautiful creamy taste that cannot be duplicated. Not to mention, on both my visits I did receive a generous portion and the price and the quality of the gelato was impeccable! Amo Gelato certainly takes me back to the gelato I had while in Europe.


Birthday Cake and Pistachio
Birthday Cake and Pistachio




So when I scream and you scream and we all scream for ice cream, I think you should all head down to Amo Gelato for some authentic European ice cream. I guarantee that they will satisfy you in heaps of gelato with a smile!

Gelato on Gelato


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