Fsh&Chp – The “i” is Silent

Fsh & Chp may be missing some vowels in their name , but they certainly are not missing the mark when is come to the flavour and quality of their food. Last week I was able to enjoy my first fish and chips dinner ever in the history of well… my life and I was not disappointed in the slightest.  


Chef Mike Cipollo created an exquisite tasting menu that included so many seafood favourites. Seafood can be such a difficult crowd pleaser because it simply isn’t everyone’s first choice when choosing a place to dine. The beauty about eating at an establishment like Fsh & Chps is that there is a little something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of fish and chips or a lover of finely poached lobster there is something for everyone to enjoy.

First to walk the plank straight into my mouth were the oysters! The oysters were fresh off the coast of Malpeque Bay, PEI. The oysters were served with fresh horseradish and Brickworks Ciderhouse Stadium Island Peach Mignonette. What a delightful way to start off my dinner at Fsh & Chp.


Next Chef Cipollo introduced us to halloumi. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the this food item it is a semi-hard and unripened brined cheese that is made from a combination of goat and sheep’s milk and sometimes even cow’s milk! This cheese can easily be fried or grilled and is popular in places like Levant, Greece and Turkey. Chef Cipollo prepared the halloumi by cutting it into strips and dusting them with a light nori dusting and frying them to a crisp! These were extremely delicious and every bite was filled with strings of cheese that just oozed out of the battered wall of the halloumi.


To my utter shock we were greeted by two huge pots of lobster boil! So yummy and delicious. The boil not only consisted of lobster, but also house smoked chorizo and old bay spiced butter corn. The lobsters were poached in Malivoire’s Lady Bug Rosé with mirepoix and served with melted butter for dipping! A textbook lobster meal that was absolutely five-star, but we were only getting started with this tour of our flavour adventure under the sea!

Lobster Boil

Last but not least our table was presented with two large baskets of fish and chips ! An absolute classic ending to our amazing evening! The baskets included haddock that was battered with a classic beer battered which was Nickel Brook’s very own Cause & Effect blonde ale and served with proper fresh-cut chips. For dipping we had a house-made tartar sauce, which was creamy and complimented the haddock very well! Side note, I actually slathered this tartar sauce on everything ! SO GOOD!

Haddock and Chips


Not only do Fsh & Chp know how to cook a great meal, but they also know how to make great drinks to pair their food with!

Accompanying our fabulous spread was a fabulous Pimm’s Original from Fsh & Chp. It was the traditional take on a Pimm’s  which consisted of candied ginger syrup, lime soda Navel orange, strawberries and fresh mint. The Pimm’s was served in a beautiful clear glass pitcher and decorated with beautifully coloured fruit! YUMMY!

Pimm's Original
Pimm’s Original


Last but not least, we were able to try the exclusive Brickworks Stadium Island Peach Cider! I absolutely fall in love with anything that consists of peaches and this was no exception! This cider is made with freshly cut Ontario peaches and has a slight apple undertone with a tart finish! It was such great company to my haddock and lobster.

Brickworks Stadium Island Peach Cider

Thank you Mike Cipollo and staff for very graciously catering a fabulous meal and accepting us into the Fsh & Chp restaurant. Chef Cipollo you made a comment in your speech that you don’t want Fsh & Chp to just be known as being a typical fish and chips spot, but as a legitimate seafood restaurant that is known for a great fish and chips. Hence why there are no vowels in the name and I find that very original just like the restaurant, the staff and even yourself, head Chef Mike Cipollo. I can confidently say that I believe that Fsh & Chp is well on their way to achieving that goal!


Check out Fsh & Chp, they and so many local restaurants like them are such a big reason why I love living in Hamilton and discovering everything it has to offer.


Located on 47 King William Street


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