Augusta Cafe – Passion and Quality

Located at the intersection of James and Augusta street there is a quaint little coffee shop called Cafe Augusta. Upon stepping inside this beautiful space I was amazed at the feeling that came over me. The space was
light, bright and certainly inspired me to do work that day and I believe is what makes Cafe Augusta such a special place for Hamiltonians even though it has only been open for a few months now.


The café still has a lot of charm and character previous to the renovation, but still is modern and minimalistic all at the same, which makes it even better working environment. Working in a space like Cafe Augusta allows for you to open yourself up to new ideas and thoughts especially as a writer. The modern and old world feel makes Cafe Augusta one of the best places to go to in Hamilton.


As a light snack tasted the spinach and feta pastry, which was taken fresh and hot out of the oven. It was an amazing afternoon snack. The warm soft feta and spinach mixtures complimented the flaky/filo consistency on the outside of the pastry! The pastry was gooey and soft but also, very crunchy! Biting into it for the first time was like eating any pastry for the first time, amazing, delicious and nothing short of “YUMMM.”


For a light afternoon drink, I had an iced macchiato with a touch of milk and sugar. Very well made and accompanied the feta and spinach pastry perfectly!

Iced Macchiato and Spinach and Feta Pastry

I loved my experience at Cafe August! It was not only delicious and provided me with the boost I needed to get me through the day, but also gave me a space that is filled with creative energy. Oh, and let’s not forget the view of James street south from their glorious window that just welcomes sunshine into their little café! It is nothing short of spectacular and not to mention breathtaking!




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