PR Students In The 6 – Warehouse Review

I am almost done my first semester in the PR post certification course at Mohawk College and it has proven to be super stressful but rewarding thus far. So you could imagine my relief when I found out I was going to be off for a whole week at the end of October. This past Thursday me and a couple of my friends (Donna and Dan) decided that we would go to Toronto for the day and sight and to obviously eat some fabulous Toronto food.

After doing a little shopping at the Eaton Centre and checking out the new Nordstrom department store (which is you haven’t been check it out, it is phenomenal) we decided to hit up Warehouse on Queen Street.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Warehouse it is a great little spot in the Queen Street area, they specialize in making simple pub food at top notch quality and at the best price. Everything on their food menu is under $5.00, which is amazing for a student on a budget. In a city where the foodie scene is huge and there are so many quality restaurants it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Warehouse sticks out like a sore thumb and is such a gem; especially since you can’t find many restaurants that cater to this budget in Toronto.


We started off by ordering a couple of drinks off the menu to keep us content while we were patiently waiting on our food. We walked for about five hours that day and we were absolutely famished. The food came surprisingly quick and they were extremely busy, which was great because as I said we were about to be on death row if we didn’t get a bite to eat. We started with the fish tacos and the onion rings.

Fish tacos were absolutely amazing and disappeared quite quickly from our table! The fish tacos were made with seared white baja fish and came packed with all the fixings: roasted red peppers, chipotle mayo, sweet roasted corn salsa, crispy shredded cabbage and cheese, cilantro wrapped in the soft flour tortilla. On the side we were given guacamole and hot sauce for an extra kick.

Fish Tacos


Next we decided to crunch our way through the beer battered onion rings which were scrumptious and extra crispy ! It took no time at all to scarf these bad boys down as soon as they hit the table. These were served with the Warehouse Macho dip that complimented the onion rings perfectly.

Beer Battered Onion Rings


Next came the mains and boy were we ever ready for it, I mean we were starving after our rigorous walk throughout Toronto. I ended up going with the Roasted Turkey sandwich with a side of Yam Fries which was absolutely phenomenal. It was literally like a Thanksgiving dinner in my mouth. The Roasted Turkey incorporated oven roasted turkey breast, cheddar cheese, macho sauce, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato on fresh cranberry sourdough bread. ABSOLUTELY DELISH and left me feeling paralyzed.

Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Yam Fries


Dan decided to put on his big boy pants and try out The Works Burger which consisted of a premium Alberta all beef patty, maple bacon, cheddar, crispy onion strings, macho sauce, shredded lettuce and tomato all squished between a toasted brioche bun.

The Works Burger


Donna decided to go with a classic choice – The Warehouse Mac n’ Cheese, which is a popular choice for many that make their way to the Warehouse. Their Mac n’ Cheese is made from a three cheese combination, roasted red pepper Alfredo sauce, crunchy corn flake, fresh thyme and a crispy parmesan crust to top it all off!

Mac N’ Cheese


I honestly couldn’t speak more highly of Warehouse! The staff are amazingly beautiful and super polite and the price for the amount of food you receive is unbeatable especially for a city like Toronto! Next time you and your friends go out and are tight on cash make your way down to Warehouse for some good drinks, great music and even better food!



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