Snapchat Isn’t Just A Pretty Filter

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Snapchat it is very simple, it allows users to send and receive pictures that disappear in 10 seconds. People can share snaps through their own personal story which is similar to a timeline, but disappears within 24 hours of posting – or you can send these snaps to individuals on your friend list.


Many of us think Snapchat is just another social media platform that will dwindle away over time but that isn’t true. It’s definitely more than just sending pictures and playing with funny filters that can either make us “feel ourselves” like Beyoncé or make us question how our face can look so ugly on someone else’s head. Snapchat is fun, but I bet you never considered Snapchat as a tool to connect your brand to an audience. Your brand, depending on what you’re selling can use Snapchat as an engagement tool to attract an audience that is interested in your product or service.


There are many features and benefits for brands maintain a presence Snapchat, you just need to leverage and communicate to your audience in an efficient way. Snapchat has evolved and has turned itself into a $10 billion dollar company and has stretched itself out to more than just sending and receiving pictures. It has expanded to a full-on social media network that has launched features like “discover” and “stories” which huge brands such as General Electric, National, Coca-Cola and the Food Network use to connect to their fans.

Every day people use Snapchat, in fact 100 million people actively engage with Snapchat every day which says a lot about where brands should be active in terms of social media. The most active age demographic among Snapchat users is young adults between 18-24.


Although Snapchat may be the solution for most businesses to help consumers’ engagement it may not be for everyone, especially if you’re a B2B marketer targeting high-level decision makers in a corporation. Your message may not carry well with a younger demographic, but it also depends what you’re selling and who you’re selling to!

Although, if you’re launching a new makeup or clothing line the best way to showcase these products is through a platform like Snapchat where users can see a visual. This is also a great way to ensure that you receive 100% engagement from your audience – chances are the audience that follows you on Snapchat is someone who wants to engage with your brand 24/7.

dog snapchat success filter

The key with Snapchat is to be creative yet selective when it comes to choosing someone to expedite content to your viewership.  I would say that choosing someone who closely reflects your audience would be a great choice. They can demonstrate to your audience how they use your product on a daily basis and it also adds a personal connection behind your brand. Most importantly, be sure that they know what your brand is about and that it is consistent with your message.


Ready, set, snap people.

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